From science comes prevision, from prevision comes action. (Auguste Comte)

Edible Cities Network (EdiCitNet)

Innovative business models for the edible city

The using of urban landscapes for food production makes cities more sustainable and more liveable. At the same time it is an opportunity for start-ups and initiatives to develop innovative business models. More

Climate protection by digital technologies

The short study provides an overview of the current state of knowledge on direct and indirect effects of digitisation on climate protection. More

Data Centre Heat Exchange with AI-Technologies (DC-HEAT)

With the support of artificial intelligence, it should be possible in future to plan and operate data centres in the Frankfurt area in such a way that negative effects on the environment are reduced and the potential of waste heat from data centres is used in the best possible way. More

Demonstration of the benefit of solar thermal venetian blinds in real operation (DESTINI)

With DESTINI, the solar thermal blind is being implemented for the first time in the largest European innovation quarter near Frankfurt a.M. The Borderstep Institute is supporting the project and is developing business and marketing models for the new technology with its partners. More

IMPACT of sustainability-oriented start-up support

Improve the effectiveness of start-up support programmes. The project develops an evaluation model with which the economic, ecological and social impact of start-up support programmes can be recorded, assessed and improved. More

Structural change in the automotive industry

Electric mobility, autonomous driving and new competitors are changing the automotive industry. The project analyses the transformation processes set in motion by globalisation, digitisation and climate protection. The aim is to identify options for action for a structural policy of the actors aiming at sustainability. More

Governance of Radical Environmental Innovations

Radical system innovations only slowly lead to the transformation of markets. Using the example of building-related heat supply, the project investigates how such processes can be accelerated by an activating state. More

Waste heat utilisation of Edge Data Centers with Hot-Fluid-Adsorption-System

The overall objective of the project is to develop and demonstrate an energy-efficient, standardised data center with liquid-cooled servers in which the waste heat is converted into cold and can thus be used for cooling. More

DIN sustainability standard for start-ups (DIN Connect)

The aim of the project is to develop, test and institutionalise a standard for assessing the sustainability potential of start-ups. More

Sustainability 4All

The Sustainability 4All project will encourage the early and lasting integration of climate protection and other sustainability concerns into newly founded, innovative companies, in particular start-ups, and facilitate this through practical solutions. More