From science comes prevision, from prevision comes action. (Auguste Comte)

Climate Protection Potentials of the Digital Transformation

The project, which is funded by the BMBF under the research priority "Economics of Climate Change", aims to determine whether digitisation will lead to more or less climate protection overall. More


The aim of the EU-funded project is to test new forms of cooperation between students, companies and start-ups in promoting green innovation and to improve existing services. More

Smart framework conditions for energy and resource savings with networked products

The short study, which was commissioned by the BUND, shows the ecological challenges of the increasing networking of private households. At the same time, it identifies measures to steer the consumption of energy and other resources towards environmentally compatible paths. More

Total Energy Management for Professional Data Centers

The TEMPRO project—"Total Energy Management for Professional Data Centers"—develops solutions to significantly reduce data center energy consumption. It focuses on a holistic approach to energy management. More

WindNode — A showcase for smart energy from the north-east of Germany

Over the next four years, more than 50 partners will be working together on the northeast German model region for smart energy, as part of the collaborative WindNODE project. The Borderstep Institute is also on board as a science network partner. More


The StartGreen@School project promotes a sustainable entrepreneurial culture in schools. The aim is for students to learn more about business start-ups in the field of sustainability and for this to inspire them to establish their own student companies. More

Green Start-Up Investment Alliance

More support for green start-ups: This is what Green Start-Up Investment Alliance aims to achieve. The hands-on project searches for ways to promote environmental and climate protection in Germany through business start-ups. More

Development of ICT-based energy consumption in Germany

The study evaluates the energy consumption of the dynamic ICT landscape, identifies current trends, forecasts future ICT-based energy consumption up to 2025, and recommends action for reducing ICT-based energy consumption. More

Policy advice: climate technology study

The goal of the Market Study Technologies and services for climate mitigation and adaptation from Germany was to develop a coherent overview of German products, services, and cooperation for the German National Designated Entity in order to match supply and demand in the climate adaptation and mitigation market; Borderstep prepared the study for the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. More

Green Economy Startup Monitor

Information tool for documenting start-ups in the areas of green technology, transformation of the energy system away from fossil fuels, climate mitigation, and the circular economy More