From science comes prevision, from prevision comes action. (Auguste Comte)

Policy advice: climate technology study

The goal of the Market Study Technologies and services for climate mitigation and adaptation from Germany was to develop a coherent overview of German products, services, and cooperation for the German National Designated Entity in order to match supply and demand in the climate adaptation and mitigation market; Borderstep prepared the study for the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. More

Green Economy Startup Monitor

Information tool for documenting start-ups in the areas of green technology, transformation of the energy system away from fossil fuels, climate mitigation, and the circular economy More


The “StartUp4Climate” initiative focuses on the consistent alignment of start-up support systems in Germany with climate protection and sustainability goals. More

Support Systems for Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Transformation

The main goal of SHIFT is to enable universities, incubators, business development organizations, financial institutions, design service providers and other relevant actors and intermediaries to support sustainable entrepreneurship more effectively. More

Transitioning to a green economy

Scientific study of the drivers and obstacles to transforming the German economy into a green economy on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). More

Diffusion paths for sustainable innovations

The project’s aim was to study the conditions and factors involved in the diffusion processes of sustainable innovations, as well as to study the strategies which led to the success of these innovations More

NorthWest 2050: Climate Adaptation as Innovation Challenge

This practice-oriented research project aims to increase the ability of the greater Bremen-Oldenburg metropolitan area to deal with climate change in selected fields and to implement measures into regional planning and development processes. More

Innovation Communities: Establishment and Development of Radical Innovations

The goal of the joint Innovation Communities (InnoCo) project was to work out the role played by innovation communities and their contribution to successful processes for the emergence and diffusion of fundamental innovations. More

Sustainable product innovation using dye-sensitized solar cells

Climate protection and supply security will play a vital role in the future of energy supply. The dye-sensitized solar cell, an innovative new solar cell technology, is giving rise to new applications. More