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EURAM Annual Conference 2019

Prof. Klaus Fichter Co-Chair of a track of the Strategic Interest Group (SIG) Innovation

  • 2019, Lisbon, Portugal

EURAM (European Academy of Management) is the largest European conference for economists. It takes place annually and brings together management researchers and practitioners in an interdisciplinary dialogue.

Prof. Dr. Klaus Fichter, founder and director of the Borderstep Institute, is co-chair of a track of the Strategic Interest Group (SIG) Innovation dealing with Green Innovation.

Constanze Trautwein, researcher of the Borderstep Institute, will present current research results of the Borderstep Institute in the field of Sustainable Entrepreneurship.

Borderstep News

Responsible Innovation Story with Borderstep 15.12.2020

What is the state of sustainability in Europe? And what do sustainable business models look like in concrete terms? Responsible Innovation Story" explores these questions in an interview with Borderstep founder Klaus Fichter. More

Special Issue on Assessing and forecasting the sustainability impact of new ventures 21.10.2020

The Journal of Cleaner Production is planning a special issue to evaluate and forecast the impact of start-ups on sustainability. Borderstep director Prof. Dr. Klaus Fichter is guest editor. Proposals can be submitted. More

Green start-ups need more tailwind 21.07.2020

An article on the Bertelsmann Foundation's innovation platform presents the Green Startup Monitor 2020. The team of authors analyzes which forms of funding help the community. One example is the StartGreen Award, which Borderstep has been presenting since 2015 as part of the Startup Week Germany. More