GreenUpInvest: Better financing terms for green start-ups in Germany
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Green Start-Up Investment Alliance

StartUp4Climate_Logo_Positiv_rgb Financial service providers believe that start-ups always constitute a risk. But why do green start-ups often find it more difficult to raise funds? What sort of funding does sustainable entrepreneurship need? How can financing terms be improved? And how can environmental and climate protection be facilitated by supporting start-up entrepreneurs? This practice oriented project addresses these questions.

Developing and bringing sustainable, radical innovations to market takes time and for many investors it simply takes too long. Their short-term profit expectations are not in sync with what can sometimes be the very long-term benefits of green products and services to society as a whole. But green start-ups also face other problems on the road to securing funds. The GreenUpInvest project analyzes these obstacles and identifies potentials for supporting green start-ups.

The objective of the Green Start-Up Investment Alliance, funded by the German National Climate Protection Initiative, is to strengthen and advance start-up financing in Germany. To this end, the project compiles best practice in the field of green start-up investment and at the same time provides support for representing the interests of new green businesses. GreenUpInvest also wants to get Business Angels and other early investors involved in the field of green enterprises. Investor criteria for assessing the sustainability of entrepreneurial ventures and the transparent, reliable classification of green start-ups are to be developed for this purpose. High-quality matching services are intended to improve both the financing packages available and better prepare green start-ups for investor-relations.

In addition to this, the project wants to develop a permanent online offer for start-up financing in the area of the green economy and to stimulate innovative financing opportunities for green start-ups, for example by facilitating the pooling of small investors in investor syndicates. GreenUpInvest plans to devise and test a monitoring instrument to document developments in the field of start-up financing in the green economy.

The German Council for Sustainable Development has awarded the project the “Werkstatt N” (“Studio N”) quality seal. This is awarded for trend-setting ideas and projects that bring sustainable thinking and action to life.

GreenUpInvest is coordinated by the Borderstep Institute for Innovation and Sustainability. Other project partners include German Startups Association, Business Angels Netzwerk Deutschland e.V., and Forum Nachhaltige Geldanlagen e.V.

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