Investors from Germany, Sweden and Norway encounter with German GreenTech-Start-ups
  • © Martin Strübing - BAND
  • © Martin Strübing - BAND
  • © Martin Strübing - BAND
  • © Martin Strübing - BAND
  • © Martin Strübing - BAND

High-Level-Matching for GreenTech-Start-ups Part 2

Second round for the matching format within the scope of Bordersteps GreenUpInvest project

  • December 2017, VKU-Forum, Invalidenstr. 91, 10115 Berlin

For the second time in a row, Borderstep organizes a High-Level-Matching (part 2) for green startups and business angel and VC investors, as part of their GreenUpInvest project. The High-Level-Matching aims to match innovative startups that are contributing to climate protection but are lacking financing resources through suitable investors who are focused on greentech investments. Thanks to Borderstep’s cooperation with BAND, a special feature of the event in December is the participation of investors from Sweden and Norway.

For the pitching event, German-based green startups which are no older than seven years, receive the opportunity of qualifying for a capital requirement of 50.000€ to 2.000.000€. The application process involves the completion of the BAND form which additionally requests information on the green potential and sustainability management of the applying startup business.

The Borderstep Institute will evaluate the application with respect to its green potential. Additionally, the application will be assessed by an audit committee, which was specifically arranged for the event. The committee consists of 20 high-ranking investors who are specialized in green startup investing.

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