Research in the field of sustainable entrepreneurship
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Research in the field of sustainable entrepreneurship

Borderstep develops projects in the field of sustainable entrepreneurship that create incentives for green start-up activities. These activities occur at various stages in starting a new business: the development of ideas, founding the business, growth, and expansion.

In the StartUp4Climate project, the world’s first national start-up initiative for a green economy, Borderstep collaborated with leading universities with a special concentration in business start-ups, for example on the concept of the Sustainable Business Canvas, which provides support to entrepreneurs when developing sustainable business models.

Entrepreneurial ecosystems involve the interaction between support provided to business start-ups and innovation in sustainable start-ups and innovators who develop new business activities in the field of green technologies, products, and services.

Borderstep consults policy-makers, business development organizations, and others concerning the development of sustainable business development support.

Borderstep News

Digitisation = climate protection? 31.07.2019

Cloud Computing, 3D-Printing, Big Data, Industry 4.0: The world of work and life is changing drastically due to digitalization. How does this affect climate protection? This is the focus of the CliDiTrans project of the Borderstep Institute. More

Interview: Germany, Green Energy Valley 01.07.2019

Clean Energy Wire interviewed Borderstep founder Prof. Klaus Fichter about the start-up scene in Germany. How important is the engineering spirit of the country? More

StartGreen@School invited to Helsinki 28.06.2019

The Borderstep project StartGreen@School was selected as the German finalist of the European Enterprise Award. The award is aimed at institutions and authorities that have rendered outstanding services to the promotion of entrepreneurial spirit. More