Innovative Programmes of Student-Business-Collaboration in Green Venturing
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The aim of the ScaleUp4Sustainability (S4S) project is to ensure that future founders include sustainability and ecology in their plans from the outset. The project, led by the University of Oldenburg, aims to provide concepts that will enable the connection between economic and ecological thinking to be better integrated into education.

Whoever founds a company or launches an innovative product on the market has to take care of everything: Business plan, financing, market analyses – and much more. Environmental protection is usually not on the list, at least not at the top of the list.

Knowledge alliances between universities and industry

Part of the project is to bring Master students together with established companies, start-ups and founders in courses. The aim is to work together on green business ideas. The students will bring a fresh perspective from which the companies can benefit. For the budding economists, insight into practice is an important experience.

Around 300 students from Oldenburg, Linköping (Sweden) and Breda (Netherlands) will take part in the programme over the next three years. They will acquire the necessary skills to be successful with sustainable innovations later on.

A central part of the project is also international exchange. Both Oldenburg University and Linköping University in Sweden and Avans University in Breda, the Netherlands, have been working with companies for some time now to train their students in sustainability. In Oldenburg, for example, the Eco-Venturing module initiated by Prof. Klaus Fichter has been in existence since 2009.

However, the ScaleUp4Sustainability project goes beyond previous approaches and aims to test new possibilities for cooperation between students and companies. We take the best from the already existing offers to make the education even more attractive for the students.

The aim is to make the education even more attractive for the students. S4S also wants to intensify cooperation between companies and students and promote the cross-border exchange of ideas.

International Matching Internet Platform

Borderstep will work together with other partners on the development and establishment of an international internet platform “Sustainable Venturing Challenges”. This should organise a matching between companies and organisations that formulate sustainability-related innovation challenges as well as students and start-ups that can provide possible solutions and contributions.

The ScaleUp4Sustainability project is funded by the EU within the framework of the ERASMUS-Plus Knowledge Alliances funding line.

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