Opportunities multiply as they are seized. (Sun Tzu)

Climate Change

Climate change is one of the most daunting existential challenges of the 21st century. Borderstep studies the role of economic actors and, in particular, pioneers and innovators in the transformation process toward a resilient climate-neutral and climate-compatible economy.

The focus of Borderstep’s research is on technical, social, and institutional innovation for climate mitigation. Another focal area is adaptation to the consequences of climate change.

In recent decades, climate research has provided unequivocal evidence that man-made emissions to the atmosphere have resulted in a change in the climate (e.g., temperature and precipitation) and will lead to further serious changes in the decades to come. This has serious and diverse consequences for all areas of society, including businesses and an increasingly globalized economy.

Businesses are involved in both causing climate change and being affected by it. Yet they can also potentially help solve the problem by actively implementing climate mitigation measures, by company-level measures, and through the use of products and services for climate adaptation.

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