There is a way to make things better - find it! (Thomas Alva Edison)

Smart energy

The transformation of the energy system is one of the major economic and environmental policy challenges of the coming decades and a vital component of the ecological and economic transformation.

Besides the expansion of a decentralized and renewables-based energy supply, increasing energy efficiency is the largest potential toward a more sustainable energy supply, and it can be mobilized directly. Restructuring supply and increasing efficiency both require that energy generation, distribution, and consumption become “smarter,” i.e., better coordinated, to bring smart energy products and services to the market.

Borderstep conducts research on the question of how the development of new business models and the intelligent use of technology can facilitate efficient use of heat and electricity in grids, infrastructures, and buildings. New actors, their roles, and their forms of cooperation are analyzed in order to derive powerful value-adding partnerships for the transformation of the energy system.

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