What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything? (Vincent van Gogh)

Sustainable Entrepreneurship

The expectation that businesses be pioneers during a period of fundamental change and transformation in the economy and society is greater than ever before.

Sustainable entrepreneurship sees a wide variety of opportunities in challenges such as the transformation of the energy system, climate change, or increasing commodity prices. Young businesses in particular are seeking new entrepreneurial answers on the path to a green economy.

The significance of sustainability-oriented business activities and the interest in future-oriented business models is increasing sharply, especially in practical terms. This entails an increasing need for empirical research and verifiable evidence for the potential and effect of sustainable market activities and sustainable start-ups.

Borderstep’s research in the field of sustainable entrepreneurship focuses on concepts of sustainable entrepreneurship, trends in green economy start-ups, financing of sustainability-oriented start-ups, sustainability-oriented support of start-ups on the part of universities, business incubators, and support programs, as well as national and international start-up networks in cleantech, renewables, and climate mitigation.

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