Alexander Schabel, Research Fellow

Alexander Schabel

Alexander Schabel is a Research Fellow at the Borderstep Institute for Innovation and Sustainability and co-founder of the Borderstep spin-off ImpactNexus. There, he manages sales and marketing. ImpactNexus develops a SaaS platform with impact intelligence solutions to assess business models and their sustainability impacts. Borderstep and ImpactNexus continue to work closely together in the Score4Impact project.

Until June 2022, Alexander worked as a senior project manager at the Borderstep Institute and was responsible for the Sustainability4All project. The S4ALL project team worked with key players in the German startup ecosystem to stimulate the early and lasting integration of sustainability concerns into newly founded, innovative companies.

In addition, he was project manager for the Score4Impact project, which focuses on the development of efficient and directionally sound evaluation bases for sustainable investments in innovative start-ups. Furthermore, he supported the Borderstep science team in organizing and conducting dialogue events in the project Strengthening Green Start-ups as a Transformation Engine. He also managed the portal for the green startup scene and the StartGreen Award.

Prior to his move to Borderstep, he held a managerial position at the Institute for Social and Sustainable Oikonomics (ISSO) and the start-up incubator, ISSO|lab.

Alexander Schabel studied international business economics at the University of Maastricht and National Chengchi University in Taipei. He has a master’s degree in stakeholder management and sustainability from the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

In his free time, he loves exploring the world. As a passionate sailor, he has lived in many places, including the United States, India, and Australia. He also enjoys exploring his surroundings in Berlin on long hikes or bike trips.


Alexander Schabel
  • Research Fellow

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