Sustainability as a success factor for all start-ups
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Sustainability 4All

Start-ups can help drive change in the economy. They can accelerate the implementation of the Federal Government’s political sustainability goals.

The Sustainability4All project will encourage the early and permanent integration of sustainability concerns into newly founded, innovative companies and enable them to do so through practical approaches. This is done in cooperation with key players in the German start-up ecosystem.

Sustainability as a success factor for corporate development

By anchoring sustainability aspects in newly founded companies at an early stage, it is possible to integrate climate protection, energy and material efficiency as well as recycling concepts into the strategic orientation of start-ups. Sustainability can thus become a success factor for further corporate development from the outset.

In order to exploit the full potential of sustainable management in early business phases, sustainability must become an integral part of all start-up fields and central support programmes.

For this reason, the project is aimed in particular at start-up competitions, university start-up institutions, support programmes and other supporters of young companies.

Two central goals of Sustainability4All are:

  1. Based on selected important support programmes and offers of the German start-up ecosystem, the aim is to show how sustainability and in particular climate protection aspects can be integrated in a target-group oriented and beneficial way.
  2. Practical tools are to be developed that can be used for the development of sustainability management in new companies. On the other hand, the tools should help to consider sustainability right from the start in the development of products, services and business models.

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