15 years of Borderstep - Making an impact with science
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15 years of Borderstep

Making an impact with science

We will not find the way to the future in the dark, we need the light of science.

These words from German Federal President Frank Walter Steinmeier describe our mission: Borderstep wants to contribute to the great transformation toward sustainability with scientific facts and concepts. A great aspiration? A necessity. The major challenges facing our society – from climate change to energy efficiency – need scientifically founded solutions and sustainable strategies for action. The Borderstep Institute consistently orients its research on these challenges.

This year, the Borderstep Institute turns 15. What economic opportunities does climate change offer? What factors determine the success and failure of sustainable innovations? What contribution can digitization make to the energy transition? The independent and non-profit research institution seeks answers to these questions.

15 years of Borderstep

Predicting the future

This also involves supporting current political decision-making processes with scientific expertise. For example, Borderstep supported the decision of the city of Hanover to phase out coal in 2026, significantly earlier than planned.

This also involves supporting current political decision-making processes with scientific expertise. For example, Borderstep supported the decision of the city of Hanover to phase out coal in 2026, significantly earlier than planned. And, the future energy demand of the ICT infrastructure in Germany and potential savings were determined for the German Federal Parliament.

Especially now, in times of the pandemic, it becomes clear what science can achieve – and how political framework conditions help determine success and failure. True to our motto “Science with Impact” we support policymakers, government institutions, economic actors and the public with facts and figures. We prepare our studies in booklets and brochures and make them available to the general public free of charge.

Klaus Fichter

We are celebrating 15 years of Borderstep - and look forward to stimulating debates, scientific exchange and social change processes. To the next 15 years!

Prof. Dr. Klaus Fichter

15 years of Borderstep

Setting topics

To mark the institute’s anniversary, we are introducing a separate Facts & Figures section on our website. With graphics, numerical examples and condensed facts, we bring research results to the point. In addition, we disseminate our research findings in two newsletters and regular press releases. Our science team is available for interviews, background information, lectures and panels.

15 years of Borderstep


Identifying opportunities

With our work, we want to contribute to strengthening the perception of social responsibility of economic actors. The StartGreen Award, launched by Borderstep in 2015, gives innovative green start-ups in Germany the big stage for the first time. Award-winning companies such as sonnen GmbH or Creapaper have now reached the mainstream with their products.

Support for companies also comes from the figures on green startups that Borderstep has been publishing regularly since 2013. Publications such as the Green Startup Monitor help to make the opportunities of a transformation toward a green economy visible.


15 years of Borderstep

Living cooperation

Cooperation pays off: This title of one of our publications is lived practice at the Borderstep Institute. Our research is application-oriented – and always with strong partner organizations at our side. Whether it’s the topic of waste heat from data centers or energy efficiency in the building sector – we research for practice and together with people who put our findings to the test already in the research process.

15 years of Borderstep

Daring innovation

The Borderstep Institute celebrates its 15th year of existence with its first outsource. The start-up ImpactNexus, a spin-off of the Borderstep Institute, develops SaaS solutions for assessing, managing and reporting sustainability impacts and sustainability risks (ESG) of start-ups, their investors and partners. The assessment and measurement approaches are based on current research results and international best practices. This includes DIN SPEC 90051-1, the DIN standard for the sustainability assessment of start-ups, which was developed under the leadership of Borderstep.


Opening doors

Borderstep researches the future and examines what is coming (innovation) and what is staying (sustainability). This takes a long breath, stable networks and curious people. We therefore specifically support young people who are already working on concrete scientific projects during their studies. Unlike in many other research institutions, young scientists at Borderstep are given a long-term perspective. We remain permanently connected to our alumni, now with our own program. The “Research Fellows” of the Borderstep Institute continue to work with us on projects and move the world with their knowledge.

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