The fascinating world of the energy sector and its transition

Join our Book Release: Sun Wind & Wires

Borderstep energy expert Severin Beucker is part of the author team of the recently published 2nd edition of Sun, Wind & Wires. Even under ‘normal’ circumstances, a two-year period would be a small eternity for an energy sector in transition. But what we have witnessed in the past two years is nothing short of a seismic shift.

In such turbulent times, it may seem daring to release a book that aims to remain relevant for years to come. But the response to the 1st edition of this book was so enthusiastic that we were inspired to release an updated version.

After all, the objective of Sun, Wind & Wires is timeless:

We hope to generate interest in the fascinating world of the energy sector and its transition, a goal better served by exploring fundamental principles than by monitoring day-to-day political developments.

These core principles are examined in the first section of this book. It incorporates updates to the original text and graphics as needed. In the second section, we highlight model solutions for a 100% renewable electricity system.

To reflect recent advancements in the energy industry, we have included a new chapter on the swiftly growing hydrogen economy. It replaces chapters that are no longer so relevant.

Book Release: Sun, Wind & Wires

We are releasing the first English and second German edition on Dec. 7th 2023.

Join this event and learn more about the project, our take-aways and the team behind it!

At the launch, the editors, designers and authors will discuss the book. And its inspirations and future opportunities to tell the story of the energy transition.

Click here for more information on the books.

The WindNODE project

The WindNODE joint project was funded by the BMWi as part of the SINTEG funding program. In 50 different sub-projects, more than 70 partners have been working on model solutions for the 100 percent renewable, smart energy system of the future. The Borderstep Institute was also on board as a science network partner.

In a joint effort between WindNODE, the Department of Energy Systems at TU Berlin and Ellery Studio, the first edition of Strom Netz Fluss was then published. A work that makes our energy world understandable to a wide audience.

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Dr. Severin Beucker
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