• Welcome to the world of Borderstep


    Europe exports many environmental technologies as well as economically and ecologically sustainable innovations. For this reason, Europe has taken on a global leadership role in the transformation toward a green economy. More

  • Welcome to the world of Borderstep


    The Borderstep Institute is part of a global network of research institutions, funding institutions, and businesses. We strive to disseminate and raise international awareness about sustainable innovations. More

  • Welcome to the world of Borderstep

    United States

    Our objective is to create a “green innovation bridge” between Germany and California. For this reason, the Borderstep Institute is cooperating with organizations in California since 2012 to expand transatlantic projects and research activities concerning a green economy. More

Borderstep Mission

Entrepreneurial solutions to global challenges

Borderstep is an independent think tank focused on entrepreneurial solutions to global challenges. With our research, we aim to contribute to a fundamental global transformation toward a green and sustainable economy. Mehr


#SGA18: Register now for the award ceremony

The leading start-up prize for sustainability solutions in Germany will be awarded for the fourth time in a row on 15 November 2018. From now on interested parties can register for the event. Mehr

Borderstep Research

Focus: Green Economy and Sustainable Development

Borderstep’s research-driven projects focus on cleantech, green entrepreneurship, and energy efficiency in buildings and IT systems and are led by a belief that a green economy benefits society economically and ecologically. Mehr