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    Climate Change

    Climate change is one of the most existential challenges of the 21st century. Borderstep focuses on the role of economic actors and, in particular, pioneers and innovators in the transformation process toward a resilient climate-neutral economy. More

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    Green Economy

    The concept of a green economy aims to combine economic welfare, ecological sustainability and social justice. The goal is a low-emission, climate-neutral and resource-efficient (circular) economy. More

  • Borderstep researches

    Pioneers and Instruments of Change

    Borderstep deals with fundamental transformation and innovation processes as well as with key actors of the transformation, and their methods. More

  • Borderstep researches

    Sustainable Innovation

    Borderstep studies how sustainable innovations emerge, how they can be successfully implemented, and which factors influence their diffusion. More

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    Smart energy

    Besides the expansion of decentralized and renewable energy supply, increasing energy efficiency is the largest potential toward a more sustainable energy supply. Borderstep conducts research into how the energy transition can succeed with smart energy. More

  • Borderstep researches

    Sustainable Entrepreneurship

    Sustainable entrepreneurship sees a wide variety of opportunities in challenges such as the transformation of the energy system, climate change, or increasing commodity prices. Borderstep deals, amongst others, with start-ups in the green economy as well as funding and financing conditions for green start-ups. More

  • Borderstep researches

    Digitisation & Green IT

    Borderstep has been researching the resource-efficient use of digital products and services for more than a decade. All facets of the GreenIT are examined. More

Borderstep News

Energy research with a freedom dividend

The Borderstep team looks at Ukraine in shock. Putin's war of aggression is also an attack on the values of the Borderstep Institute. Our energy research takes on a new meaning here. Mehr

Borderstep Mission

Entrepreneurial solutions to global challenges

Borderstep is an independent think tank focused on entrepreneurial solutions to global challenges. With our research, we aim to contribute to a fundamental global transformation toward a green and sustainable economy. Mehr

Borderstep Research

Focus: Green Economy and Sustainable Development

Borderstep’s research-driven projects focus on cleantech, green entrepreneurship, and energy efficiency in buildings and IT systems and are led by a belief that a green economy benefits society economically and ecologically. Mehr