Sustainable heat supply and cooling with blinds
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Demonstration of the benefit of solar thermal blinds (DESTINI)

The project “Demonstration of the benefit of solar thermal venetian blinds in real operation (DESTINI)” aims to implement a solar thermal blind (STJ) in real buildings for the first time. The solar thermal venetian blind combines a sun protection system with the function of a solar thermal collector. This is used to generate solar heat (e.g. for the production of hot water). The venetian blinds also reduce the cooling requirements of the building. This is a great advantage when summer temperatures rise.

In the previous research project ArKol the technology was developed from scratch. In order to meet the requirements of building owners, architects and manufacturers, it must be further developed accordingly. Adjustments are needed here especially with regard to design, functionality, adaptability, warranty and security of supply.

The implementation will take place in Spring Park Valley near Frankfurt, currently Europe’s largest innovation quarter and testing ground for market-ready products, solutions and technologies. This quarter represents an ideal field of application for the new technology, as it is a mix of innovation, residential and living environments with companies and start-ups.

The Borderstep Institute supports the partners of the DESTINI project in the scientific monitoring of the technology and product development of the solar thermal venetian blinds. It structures and evaluates the requirements of the participating partners and the future market. Together with the partners, business and marketing models are developed from this, which ensure an economic implementation of the technology beyond the project.

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