Take Network for Global Innovation (NGIN) to the next level
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Building a Global Cleantech Innovation Ecosystem

International Expert Workshop

  • 2014/2015, Berlin, Germany

Together with the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI), in 2014 the Borderstep Institute established a forum and network on green innovation with the objective of bringing together thought leaders in this field from different countries. The idea is based on the insight that cleantech markets are globally interconnected and that cleantech start-ups, (small and medium sized) corporations, accelerators/incubators, investors, and researchers from various regions in the world can gain substantial benefit from collaboration and networking.

Eventually, an action plan emerged for establishing an exchange (“Landing Pad”) program for start-ups and growth enterprises as well as other partners from the Network for Global Innovation (NGIN) partner countries. The aim of the Landing Pad program is to enable young companies to approach foreign markets and clients, test business models, and gain access to financing and sources of funding. The network is equally valuable to accelerators/incubators and other organizations because insight can be gained from the successes and failures of others and green markets jointly developed which result in business partnerships, more jobs and a cleaner environment.

In just 12 short months, NGIN is gaining momentum with members in Europe, North America, and Asia. One of NGIN’s key principles is to focus on action and created added value, the purpose of this workshop is therefore to collaborate with NGIN members and potential members on making NGIN useful, sharing best practices, discussing common challenges, and developing joint funding/financing strategies.

While the first workshop in 2014 focused on experiences and insights from European and North American leaders in green incubation, the 2015 workshop broadened the the focus and number of participants, inviting more partners while retaining the intimate atmosphere that allows discussions and a valuable information exchange. During 2014, information and matchmaking platforms emerged as an important element in the strategy of many organizations and that several developments are gaining in importance. The workshop’s objectives are therefore:

  1. Take NGIN to the next level by collaborating with its current and potential users on ways to make it more useful in 2015
  2. Peer-to-peer learning and exchange on experiences in setting up and developing incubation and commercialization programs for cleantech start-ups
  3. Examples of exchange in the area of information and matchmaking platforms for green incubation (including issues such as identifying collaboration partners, funding/financing, and deal flow)
  4. Identify obstacles and strategies for scaling up cleantech commercialization programs between potential partners and collaborate on cleantech business development
  5. Identify further partners and beneficiaries of NGIN

In cooperation with:

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