How can data centers be more effectively integrated into energy networks?

DCESS Workshop

  • September 8, 2023 | 9 am - 13 pm | Online

The Optimising Synergies Between Data Centres and Energy Systems study (DCESS), under which the workshop is being held, aims at learning how data centres can be more effectively integrated into energy networks.

In doing so, the project team will address the following questions, among others:

  • What opportunities are there to reduce data center water consumption?
  • Can heat from data centers be reused?
  • How can data centers provide flexibility for the power grid?

The project will be an important step in achieving the Green Deal and Digital Decade goals of having highly energy-efficient and climate-neutral data centres by 2030.

This workshop is interactive platform to present and validate the study’s findings, with a strong focus on pioneering approaches to enhance data centre energy efficiency and integration with broader energy and water systems. Your active participation is crucial in refining the study’s outcomes and setting a solid foundation for future progress.

Agenda Highlights:

  • Welcome and Introduction by the European Commission, DG CNECT
  • Overview of the workshop objectives and study team
  • Presentation of Preliminary Findings: Key insights from the technological research and assessment of new approaches to energy efficiency of data centres and their integration into general energy and water systems, and the data centre waste energy policy map
  • Interactive session: Breakout groups for in-depth discussions and feedback
  • Mini-Survey: Assessing relevance, coherence, and added value of the findings
  • Recap and Summary of Discussions: Presentation of main discussion points an outcomes
  • Next Steps and Closing Remarks: Discussion on the study timeline and expectations

We look forward to your participation

We look forward to your active participation and valuable contributions in shaping the future of energy-efficient data centres. Together, we can optimise synergies between data centres and energy systems and achieve highly energy-efficient and climate-neutral data centres by 2030.

The Workshop will be conducted in English, and participation will be through the MS Teams software.

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