Success and Failure of 'green' innovations"
  • © Cordula Giese
  • © Cordula Giese
  • © Cordula Giese

Diffusion paths for sustainable innovations

Final conference of the research project

  • 2012, Berlin, Germany

The research project Diffusion paths for sustainable innovations examined market introduction and dissemination of 100 environmentally friendly product and service innovations. The findings of the project, which was funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research in the framework of Technology and Innovation Analysis ITA, were presented at the conference.

This was the first study ever to systematically analyze the diffusion processes of such a large number of sustainable innovations and to present central factors in diffusion dynamics identified in the study on an empirical basis.

During the conference, the various types of diffusion paths were presented and differentiated from others in which product and service innovations are disseminated more successfully even today. Actors from the business and policy communities discussed how the weak points identified in the diffusion of sustainable innovations could be remedied and how the diffusion dynamics of energy-saving and environmentally friendly solutions could be improved, in particular with a view to the goals of Germany’s transition from nuclear and fossil fuels to renewables.