Identify the individual consequences of the energy transition
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Individualized visualization of energy transition measures (EnerVI)

The aim of the project is to use a citizen science process to develop a web application for the two model regions of the city of Berlin and the local community of Neuerkirch in Hunsrück (Rhineland-Palatinate) that can be used to make individual consequences of the energy transition visible. Citizens living in the model regions are to be encouraged to adopt sustainable behavior through visualization.

The model regions differ very clearly in their socio-cultural living conditions and energy industry prerequisites. They thus represent a wide range of the social and energy milieus existing in Germany.

Using AI to show climate change

A central element of the project is the development of a web tool that can use artificial intelligence (AI) to depict the consequences of the energy transition and possible climate change impacts. We visualize the changes with morphed images for the environment of a concrete person,

In doing so, we consider both different future scenarios and the effects of personal or collective decisions, e.g. with regard to energy supply or consumer behavior.

Assistance for behavioral changes

With the use of the tool and the visualization, we want to encourage people to critically question their own actions and offer support for behavioral changes.

We also intend to highlight opportunities for action for private individuals as well as municipalities: Be it,

  • through information about new government regulations such as the ban on oil and gas heating systems,
  • about the possibilities of installing an intelligent heating control system in one’s own home
  • providing information about subsidies for energy-efficient renovation or construction measures in a comprehensible and easy-to-understand manner
  • about the development of new institutional solutions (for example, energy cooperatives founded by tenants).

Discrepancy between environmental awareness and environmental action

In order to establish more sustainable supply and use structures for the energy transition, it is necessary to research the social framework conditions of the energy transition.

Of particular relevance for this project is the diffusion of technical and social innovations of the energy transition. In this context, a discrepancy between environmental awareness and environmental action among private individuals is regularly observed.

Our Partners

Institut für Soziologie – Johann Wolfgang-Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main

Unetiq GmbH

Vereinigung Deutscher Wissenschaftler e.V. (VDW)