Annual Conference of the European Academy of Management
  • © Paul Hanaoka - unsplash

EURAM Annual Conference 2022

Leading Digital Transformation: Call for Papers

  • 2022, Winterthur, Schweiz

The “EURAM 2022” conference will be held in Winterthur, Switzerland, from June 15 to 17, 2022. This year, the congress will focus on the topic of “Leading Digital Transformation”.

Papers on this topic can now be submitted for the track Innovation for Circularity, Green Technologies and Sustainability. Prof. Dr. Klaus Fichter, Borderstep Director, is co-chair of the track.

Innovation researchers and practitioners are increasingly interested in understanding environmental and societal challenges as opportunities for innovation. This track explores recent advances in the broader field of sustainability-driven innovation, as well as the subtopics of circular innovation and green technology. Scholars in this track are particularly interested in understanding these innovation directions at the levels of products, product-service systems, and business models, and are especially interested in better understanding the innovation processes, associated ecosystems, and entrepreneurial activities that underlie these innovation outcomes.

For all information on the Call for Papers, please see the EURAM 2022 call.