Fostering innovation to address Grand Challenges
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EURAM Annual Conference 2024

  • 25 - 28 June 2024 | University of Bath, UK

The EURAM 2024 conference will take place from 25 to 28 June 2024 at the University of Bath (UK). This year’s conference will focus on the topic “Fostering innovation to address Grand Challenges”.

Co-Chair for the Innovation for Sustainability, Circularity and Green-tech track at EURAM 2024 is Borderstep Director Prof Dr Klaus Fichter.

About the track

The latest scientific findings in the field of innovation management and sustainability will be presented and discussed in seven sessions with a total of around 25 presentations.

Innovation researchers and practitioners are increasingly interested in reframing ecological and societal challenges as opportunities for innovation. In this track we explore recent advances towards the broader field of sustainability-oriented innovation and its subthemes of circular and green-tech innovation.

We are keen to understand these innovation directions on the levels of products, product-service systems, and business models and are particularly interested in a better understanding of the innovation processes, related ecosystems, and entrepreneurial activities underlying these innovation outcomes.

Last but not least, we are interested in how organisational practices link into system-level sustainability transitions in the society.

About the EURAM

The European Academy of Management is a scientific society founded in 2001. Its aim is to promote the academic discipline of management in Europe. With members from 60 countries, EURAM has a high level of diversity and offers its members the opportunity to enrich debates on a variety of topics and traditions of research management.

How can innovation help solve major challenges without creating new ones? To answer this question, business organisations, their key stakeholders, governments, and the academic community can collaborate to develop new solutions and ensure that innovation is responsible and ethical. This may require moving beyond “traditional” forms of innovation to include organizational, business models, and social innovation.

Thus, there are fruitful opportunities for management scholars to deliver impactful research on the managerial, organisational, and policy challenges inherent in developing the requisite innovations. The conference provides its members with opportunities to enrich debates over a variety of research management themes and traditions.

You can view the EURAM program here