Harnessing the emissions-reducing potential of digital solutions

European Green Digital Coalition (EGDC)

The Borderstep Institute is a Supporting Member of the European Green Digital Coalition (EGDC). EGDC Supporting Partners are stakeholders who are willing to actively and voluntarily contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the EGDC.

The European Green Digital Coalition EGDC is an initiative of companies, supported by the European Commission and the European Parliament. It is based on the request of the EU Council, which aims to harness the enabling emission-reducing potential of digital solutions to all other sectors.

The EGDC was formed in March 2021 by the CEOs of 26 ICT companies. They signed a Declaration to support the Green and Digital Transformation of the EU on Digital Day. The Declaration recognises the ICT sector as a key player in the fight against climate change. Signatories commit to contributing to the success of the green digital transformation of the EU and beyond.

In the EGDC, the Borderstep Institute supports, among others, the Working Groups that discuss, for example,

  1. the principles for calculating the avoided emissions of a digital solution and
  2. the principles for including and calculating the emissions of a digital solution

To this end, Borderstep regularly participates in discussion panels free of charge and contributes its case studies and experience from many years of research in the field of digitization and sustainability.