Resource savings through innovative orchestration software
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The FLUIDOS project team is developing software that enables the computing and storage capacities of powerful IT end devices and PC systems to be used. By tapping capacities that were previously unused on devices that were available anyway, FLUIDOS enables high energy and cost savings compared to classic clouds in central data centers.

Making innovation potential visible

In order to anchor the efficiency potentials and further sustainability potentials right from the start, the Borderstep Institute is developing sustainable business models as part of the project.

In doing so, we apply the method of the Sustainable Value Proposition Designer developed by Borderstep in an internal project workshop to create a sustainable value proposition.

Sharing resources across the computer continuum

For FLUIDOS, another software layer will be created that builds on established cloud orchestration tools such as Kubernetes and goes beyond previous administrative (physical) boundaries. A zero-trust paradigm will make it possible to securely control geographically diverse resources.

Recognizing, however, that some services will continue to rely on the technical benefits of centralized clouds, FLUIDOS will be integrated into the existing cloud edge continuum, allowing for fluid shifts in computing capacity.

More info is also available on the project website.

The project is funded by the European Union within the framework of the research and innovation program Horizon Europe under No. 101070473.