Reduce the energy demand of data centers
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Network Energy Efficient Data Centers

NeRZ_logoThe Network for Energy Efficient Data Centers (NeRZ) aims to reduce the energy requirements of data centers and establish Germany as the location of the most energy-efficient and secure data centers worldwide.

The digitization of the economy and society causes more and more computing power to be required in data centers. In the past, this increase in performance also led to a continuous rise in the energy requirements of data centers. Currently, data centers account for 12.4 billion kWh or 2.3 percent of electricity consumption in Germany. A further significant increase in the energy requirements of data centers is also expected in the future.

Data centers as a driver of the energy transition

However, this development does not necessarily have to occur in this way. Data centers can even become a driver of the energy transition. Significant energy savings are possible with the help of new technologies, e.g., in climatization and through the use of waste heat from data centers.

NeRZ is a network of medium-sized companies in the data center industry and is funded within the framework of the Central Innovation Programme for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

Borderstep has taken over the network management for NeRZ.


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Our goals

  • We want to raise awareness among politicians and citizens of the economic and social importance of data centers and their energy efficiency.
  • Together, we will develop energy-efficient solutions for the data centers of tomorrow.