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Scientists for Future (S4F)

Scientists for Future (S4F) is an idependent and volurantary collective of scientists from all kinds of disciplines. In the face of the historically unprecedented global climate, biodiversity and sustainability crisis, they see it as their responsibility to raise their voices publicly and proactively. S4F want to contribute to fact-based political discussions and foster dialogue.

Scientific support for Fridays for Future

The founding of Scientists for Future is directly related to the start of the demonstrations of the youth movement Fridays for Future in winter 2018/2019. The Scientists see their role in the scientific support of Fridays for Future and made this clear in March 2019 in a statement signed by 26,800 scientists from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

They evaluate current developments on the basis of scientific findings, point out interrelationships, identify possible conflicts of objectives, resolutely oppose false claims, and support scientifically based demands of other Fridays for Future groups as well.

Debate on the state of research

S4F bring the current state of research into the social debate on sustainability and securing the future in a scientifically based and comprehensible form.

Several team members from Borderstep support the S4F. In the period from April 2022 to July 2023, Borderstep co-founder Dr. Jens Clausen is coordinating the project “Keypoints der Wärmewende” as an employee of the Scientists for Future Förderverein e.V.

Dr. Jens Clausen is also lead author of the impulse paper Gasverbrauch reduzieren, Wärmewende beschleunigen, which was published in March 2022. He is involved in various other S4F publications as a co-author.

Best practice: Hanover and the heat transition

The article Borderstep bewegt | Raus aus der Kohle: Hannover und die Wärmewende shows how Borderstep supported the political process for a transformation towards a climate-friendly energy and heat supply in Hanover with scientific expertise.

The opportunity for a “transformation region” came about at the beginning of 2019 through the demonstrations of the Fridays for Future movement, which began at the same time. Parallel to this development, Dr. Jens Clausen was one of the active scientists in the foundation of S4F, both nationwide and in Hannover.

The project’s relation to the goals of the Fridays for Future movement was obvious and already led to a series of lectures by Dr. Jens Clausen on the topic of heat in 2019.