Climate protection with heat pumps
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Solar heat pump – heating and cooling with the help of the sun

Demonstrator for the solar heat transition

In Germany, 85 percent of heat for heating and hot water is still supplied by fossil fuels, and almost all of this will have to be transformed in the years leading up to “climate neutrality“. Wherever there is or will be no district heating, the heat pump will be the central technology for heating.

Due to climate change, both summer and winter are becoming warmer on average over many years. As a result, the output of newly installed heating systems no longer needs to be as high as in recent decades. At the same time, however, the need for summer cooling is increasing because the increase in hot days (especially tropical nights) has already led to increased mortality.

Using heat pumps to tackle climate change

A properly selected heat pump is basically capable of both heating and cooling. Thus, a heat pump not only supports climate change mitigation when operated with renewable electricity, but also climate change adaptation through the summer cooling function. This is especially true if it is operated in summer with electricity from the buildings integrated PV system.

The aim of the project is to inform as many people as possible about climate change, to promote an understanding of the need for rapid action against climate change and to draw attention to the concrete possibilities of using heat pumps. A demonstration system of an air-air heat pump with PV system and battery will communicate the function of the heat pump to a broad public. The planned “day of the heat pump” makes the public aware of the heat pump.

Lower energy costs for heating and cooling

The planned public relations work will address several issues. Firstly, the question of future developments in the framework conditions of energy prices. And on the other hand, the question of the expected dismantling of the gas networks – which has no alternative from the point of view of climate policy – and the limited nature of biomass resources.

The aim is to frame the heat pump as an exceptionally useful heating and cooling supply system, which is both without alternative from the point of view of climate research and promises falling energy costs for heating and cooling in the future.

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