UNEP Working Group: Research on resource efficiency

UNEP International Resource Panel

The Borderstep Institute is collaborating with the working group of the United Nations Environment Programme’s (UNEP) International Resource Panel. The IRP was established by UNEP in 2007 “to provide independent, coherent and authoritative scientific assessments of policy relevance on the sustainable use of natural resources and, in particular, their environmental impacts over the full life cycle.”

Represented by its founder Dr. Severin Beucker, the Borderstep Institute is an active member of the working group evaluating efficiency technologies to reduce greenhouse gases and their envi-ronmental impacts along the life cycle. Scenario-based life-cycle assessment approaches are used to identify the potentials for reducing greenhouse gases through 2050.

Borderstep is contributing in particular its experience with applications and measurement results from the area of smart building technology and green IT. Other working group members are from North and South America, Asia, and several European countries.

The working group’s results were published in IRP publications and scientific journals.