"Start-up Support Promoting Circular Economy within Entrepreneurial Ecosystems"

Borderstep at Academy of Management (AOM) 2022

Borderstep Director Prof. Dr. Klaus Fichter has been invited to speak at the Academy of Management AOM 2022 conference on August 5, 2022. He will give this talk in the context of a Paper Development Workshop on “Start-up Support Promoting Circular Economy within Entrepreneurial Ecosystems”.

The title of the talk is “Growing for sustainability: a multi-level framework of startup growth in sustainable transition pathways”.

The conference will take place in parallel in Seattle, USA as well as online. Klaus Fichter will attend the event online for climate protection reasons.

The Academy of Management (AOM) is the leading professional association for management and organization scholars. Members include professors and Ph.D. students in business schools and at universities, academics in related social sciences and other fields, and practitioners who value the creation and application of knowledge. AOM was founded in 1936 and today includes nearly 18,000 members in more than 120 countries.

More information about the conference and program can be found here.

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