Spetember 7-9, 2015: Enviroinfo & ICT4S in Copenhagen

Borderstep at Enviroinfo & ICT4S in Copenhagen

Borderstep IT expert Dr. Ralph Hintemann and Borderstep founder Prof. Dr. Klaus Fichter present on September 7, 2015 Copenhagen Conference on the EnviroInfo & ICT4S latest research findings to the development of the energy requirement of computer terminals.

The lecture is based on a research paper "Energy demand of Workplace Computer Solutions - A comprehensive assessment including both end-user devices and the power consumption they induce in datacenters." It deals with the question of how the energy consumption of computer terminals evolved.

Here, not only the energy demand of the terminal is considered, but also the energy demand which is caused by the use of the terminal in data centers. This energy demand is increasing significantly. For efficient devices it is already much higher than the energy demand of the terminal itself. The use of a tablet causes a four times higher energy consumption in data centers than on the tablet itself, according to a study by the Institute Borderstep.

This year, the two leading conferences covering Green IT, the EnviroInfo and ICT4S, come together to form a common event. From September 7 to September 9, 2015 the participants meet in Copenhagen. Title of the conference: "Building the Knowledge Base for Environmental Action and Sustainability" on various aspects of Green IT.

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