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Founder platform: Borderstep develops “green” offer

The issue of sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the development of new business ideas and models. In order to support those interested in founding a business in dealing with climate protection and other sustainability aspects at an early stage, the founder platform is further developing its knowledge and consulting services. Borderstep supports the development of the offering specifically for green start-ups.

The founder platform aims to make it easier to start a business and encourage more people to do so. The free, digital service is designed to guide founders step by step through the start-up process. And help them navigate through information and funding opportunities in an organized manner. The platform is a service of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK) and KfW Bankengruppe.

As part of its collaboration with the founder platform, Borderstep is designing new knowledge offerings, guides and learning formats specifically on the topic of green startups. Additional support and consulting formats offer personal and individual support to develop green ideas and business models.

In this way, founders should be enabled to develop their projects sustainably by means of new knowledge and competencies. And to create a positive ecological and social impact using entrepreneurial methods.

Offers for green start-ups on the founder platform

  • Green startup – online seminar
    In this start-up seminar, people interested in starting a business will learn how to successfully become an Ecopreneur and start a green business. The free seminar consists of 5 modules with 18 lessons.
  • The green start-up café
    In the green start-up café, people interested in starting a business meet online in a relaxed atmosphere to exchange green ideas or discuss challenges in the start-up process. Borderstep moderates and answers questions.
  • Green business model talk
    The online talk offers the opportunity to ask questions about the green business model in a small group. In an open exchange with Patrick Stähler and the other participants, people interested in founding a company receive answers, feedback and inspiration.
  • Mentoring for green start-ups
    Shaping a future with a green business idea in which we operate in a sustainable, resource and environmentally friendly way? Through discussions, guidance in the start-up process and a great deal of experience and knowledge transfer, mentoring helps you to make the right decisions for your own business.

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  • Research Fellow

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Founder platform: Borderstep develops “green” offer 24.01.2023

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