Science with impact: Supporting transformation processes with research results
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Borderstep Impact: Events

Exchanging ideas, networking, initiating processes

Borderstep Impact: Events

How can the transformation to sustainable economic processes and lifestyles succeed? What political, social and technical course must be set for this? This is what Borderstep researches as an independent and non-profit research institute. The major challenges facing our society – from climate change to energy efficiency – require scientifically sound solutions and sustainable strategies for action. The Borderstep Institute consistently orients its research toward this.

Our motto is “Science with impact!” That is why we strengthen and support people with vision and innovative ideas that make sustainability a practical reality. We do not research for the bookcase. That is why we make our knowledge from our studies and projects available to the public – also in the form of free event formats. With our Borderstep Impact formats, we want to exchange ideas, establish networks, initiate processes. Move the future together with us!

Borderstep Impact Dialog

The dialog format aims to transfer Borderstep research into policy and practice. Borderstep discusses the data and findings from studies and projects with cooperation partners and implementation actors in a compact format of one to three hours. How do research results become social impact? What political decision-making processes are needed to achieve this? How can innovations and the promoters who drive them be supported?

January 12, 2023
Borderstep Impact Dialog: Waste heat recovery from data centers

    On January 12, 2023, the Borderstep Impact Dialog on the topic of waste heat recovery from data centers will take place in Frankfurt am Main.

    The use of waste heat from data centers can help make the heat supply more climate-friendly in the future.

  • How big can the contribution of data centers to the heat supply of the future be?
  • Which technical-physical basics have to be considered?
  • What are the challenges to be overcome?
  • What actions are necessary so that waste heat from data centers can be used more in the future?
  • Borderstep and the Technical University of Central Hesse will discuss these questions with experts. The event is part of the project Innovative waste heat utilization from data centers in Hesse using the example of Offenbach, which is being carried out by the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen (THM) with the support of the Borderstep Institute. This Borderstep Impact Dialog is kindly supported by the City of Frankfurt and the Data Center Office of the State of Hesse.

    All information about the Borderstep Impact Dialog can be found in this flyer

Borderstep Impact Forum

The half-day to one-day conference format Borderstep Impact Forum presents and discusses current Borderstep research results under a transformation-oriented guiding question. The format includes parallel workshops, plenary sessions, impulses, and lectures. Borderstep organizes the individual program items together with cooperation and project partners.

Impact Forum 2021: Innovating Our Common Future. As part of the ISPIM

Impact Forum 2019: Giving digitization a direction

Impact Forum 2017: Earn money and improve the world

Impact Forum 2012: Diffusion paths for sustainability innovations

Dialog series: Strengthen Green Startups!

The dialog series: Strengthen Green Startups! aimed to provide knowledge about the framework conditions, the importance, the trends and the hurdles of green startups. The partner of the dialogue series was the German Startup Association.

The event format, which was funded by the German Federal Foundation for the Environment (DBU), supported initiatives to promote green startups in a target-group-oriented manner. From 2019 to 2021, Borderstep and the German Startup Association, together with cooperation and project partners, conducted a total of 12 dialogue events, spread across Germany.

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