Constanze Trautwein, Research Fellow

Dr. Constanze Trautwein

Constanze Trautwein is a Research Fellow at the Borderstep Institute as well as Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of the Borderstep spin-off ImpactNexus. ImpactNexus develops a SaaS platform with impact intelligence solutions to assess, measure and manage the sustainability impacts of business models.

Until August 2021, Constanze Trautwein was a researcher and project manager at the Borderstep Institute. Her focus was on sustainable entrepreneurship and in particular on the assessment of potential sustainability impacts of start-ups. For example, she led the development of the DIN SPEC 90051-1: Specification for Sustainability Assessment of Start-ups and was responsible for the further development of the Green Economy Start-up Monitor.

Constanze is currently finishing her Ph.D. at the Chair of Innovation Management and Sustainability at Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg.

Before joining Borderstep she worked in the transport and logistics industry as an executive assistant and manager in international business development at DB Cargo AG. Furthermore, she was responsible for the scaling and the further development of the impact-oriented business model of the start-up ACKER.

Having grown up in sunny southwest Germany, Constanze Trautwein had already discovered her passion for the Spanish-speaking world during her Erasmus studies at Universidad de Alcala de Henares (UAH). She combined this with her professional interests from the very beginning: Her degree thesis on Corporate Social Responsibility in Peru was awarded the Plansecur Foundation Science Prize in 2012. Constanze Trautwein holds a master’s degree in international business studies from Friedrich Alexander University, Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU).


Dr. Constanze Trautwein
  • Research Fellow

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