Using heat pumps to combat climate change

Heating and cooling with the help of the sun

Heating and cooling with the sun – how can that work? Borderstep is investigating this in a new project using the example of heat pumps and their technology.

In Germany, 85 percent of heat for heating and hot water is supplied by fossil fuels. To achieve climate neutrality, therefore, the technology must be almost completely converted. Wherever there are or will be no heating networks, the heat pump is the central technology for heating.

The aim of the project is to inform as many people as possible about climate change and to draw their attention to the concrete possibilities of using heat pumps for heating and cooling. In the long term, this should mobilize people to take swift action against climate change. A demonstration system of an air-to-air heat pump with PV system and battery will be used to communicate the function of the heat pump to a broad public.

All information about the project can be found here.

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Dr. Jens Clausen
  • Co-founder
  • Senior Researcher

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