Prof. Dr. Karsten Hurrelmann, Research Fellow

Prof. Dr. Karsten Hurrelmann

Prof. Dr. Karsten Hurrelmann is a university lecturer for sustainable management at IU International University. He studied economics and social sciences (B.A.) as well as economics and law (M.A.) at the Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg. Karsten Hurrelmann holds a doctorate in economics with several years of experience in inter- and transdisciplinary research.

Karsten Hurrelmann was a research associate at the apl. professorship for Innovation Management and Sustainability (PIN) (Prof. Dr. Klaus Fichter) at the Department of Economics and Law at Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg. As executive director of the Netzwerk für Innovation und Gründung im Klimawandel, he worked with companies and start-ups to identify entrepreneurial opportunities in light of climate change impacts.

In addition, he was a lecturer at the Center for Lifelong Learning (C3L) for several years and taught, among other things, in the part-time MBA Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship.

His teaching and research interests include sustainable and climate entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability management, and resilience as an opportunity for sustainable corporate action.

In the past, he cooperated with the Borderstep team in projects such as:

Sustainability4All: Sustainability as a success factor for all start-ups (BMUV)
ScaleUp4Sustainability: Innovative Programmes of Student-Business-Collaborations in Green Venturing (S4S)
TEMPRO: Total Energy Management for professional data centers (BMWi)

In close cooperation with Borderstep Director Prof. Dr. Klaus Fichter, Karsten Hurrelmann was involved in other projects with Borderstep participation. These include, for example:


Prof. Dr. Karsten Hurrelmann
  • Research Fellow

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